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Chartres Labyrinth, Inner Peace, North Springfield, VA

Feel good inside no matter what happens outside.

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Pssst...wanna feel good inside no matter what happens outside? If your belief system provides no comfort in times of acute stress, change your beliefs about God. Welcome to the new Gospel of Reality for those who are evolved enough to receive it. Gain a deeper knowledge and greater understanding of God’s plan through the hard times in life when you read the philosophy and psychology books offered by Lewis Tagliaferre. The author is dedicated to help guide you through your grief and suffering with compassion and empathy during troubling times. No matter what happens, you need a belief system that accommodates reality. Turn to the books of Lewis Tagliaferre when you feel your life is shaken and discover that God has done the shaking.  Read a summary from some of his books, and sample the power of encouragement and new insight that is offered to you with Theofatalism - the spiritual pathway to inner peace and contentment no matter what happens outside. A new reformation is badly needed, and this could be it. While experts in philosophy and religion still struggle trying to reconcile belief in human free will with an omnipotent God, Tagliaferre claims the struggle ends with a different concept of God. Not the god of holy books, but the prime mover of the universe as generator, operator, destroyer, GOD. It does whatever it wants with whoever it wants - ergo Theofatalism.

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Chartres Labyrinth, Inner Peace, North Springfield, VA

About the Author

Discover inner peace and spiritual contentment and increase your confidence to persevere in life when you study the new philosophy of God offered by Lewis Tagliaferre. Not the god of the Bible or Quran, but the generator, operator, destroyer - the maker of birth, life, and death - the prime force in the universe. His work is based on fifty years of research and practical life experience. With his books on spiritual comfort and in-depth understanding of metaphysics, you receive the encouragement needed to grow as an individual and move through life in peace and contentment. The symbol chosen for this work is the Chartres Labyrinth, where there is only one way to walk the inevitable pathway we are given. Find your original center for inner peace by walking the labyrinth of life with Theofatalism - just begin and continue.